Music Festival And Picnic for World Harmony & Peace

Sunday, November 24th, 2024
1:00 pm – Sunset

1302 Stewart St., Oceanside, CA 92054

Join us at Rancho Villaseñor
Hosted by the Villaseñor family and friends
We’re taking our National Celebration of Thanksgiving where Native
Americans and Europeans ate in Harmony and Peace together and going Global in the Spirit of LOVE, Celebrating our Differences, and Creating
Unity of One Race, Our Human Race on Mother Earth!
Detail of a painting by David Bloom

An annual event where we, the People, come together to celebrate and practice World Harmony and Peace.

Our 32nd Anniversary Celebration!

November 24th, 2024, the Sunday before Thanksgiving


To help keep each other safe, please bring your own chairs, blankets, and food. There will not be a potluck this year.


The event goes from 1:00 PM until sunset


This is a:

Spiritual Event!
Family Event!
Community Event!
School Event!

About Snowgoose

In 1992 in Portland, Oregon while on a book tour, Victor Villaseñor had a Vision gifted to him by his grandmother, Doña Margarita, who came to him in a DreamVoyage and in that Vision, his mamagrande instructed him to take Our National Celebration of Thanksgiving, where Native Americans and Europeans ate in Harmony and Peace together, and go global in the Spirit of LoveAmor, celebrating our differences and creating 52,000 years of World Harmony and Peace and Abundance for All!

A life-changing dream…

The year was 1992. I was in Portland. Rain of Gold had just become a bestseller, and I’d been on a book tour for over 30 days. I was exhausted. And I was sound asleep. But then suddenly, I saw myself flying with a flock of joyfully cackling snow geese, looking as bright white as angels against the star-studded night sky.

Then I remembered that last night a group of local Natives had called me their spokesperson, and so had to do something about the new media calling this year the 500-year anniversary of Columbus discovering America, because it hadn’t been a discovery. It had been an invasion.

But I hadn’t known what to say or much less to do, so I’d told the Natives and the whole bookstore jammed full of people, that I’d asked my Indigenous grandmothers for help and I’d dream on it like I did for all my writing.

Hearing this, everyone began saying that they’d send their own grandmothers to help me, and one little blonde girl said, “My grandmother isn’t dead yet, but she’s real old, so I’ll send her, too.”

Everyone laughed, and now I was hearing all this laughing and cackling as the snow geese and I came flying together over the top of pine trees, and we approached a long mountain meadow with a little stream running through it. And the geese now began explaining to me that the big strong male geese, who were in front of Our V-Formation, weren’t leading. They were “following infront,” and it was the mother and the children geese that were leading with their cackling sounds of joy and thankfulness.

I awoke. And my two Native mamagrandes told me that this was exactly what all of Humanity had to start doing once again, have women and children to lead once more, and big strong men to follow infront, breaking the wind so the children and women could use 30% less energy to keep up.

Instantly I understood. Why, this could bring our whole world together, making it nicer and kinder and give us a chance to finally have Harmony and Peace for all of Humanity.

“Thank you!” I leaped out of bed yelling. “Thank you! We’ll do it! We’ll do it!”

So we’ve been doing it for 30 years!

Our First Locations

Since my Indigenous mamagrande from Oaxaca, México told me that Snow Goose Global Thanksgiving was about taking Our U.S. National Celebration of Thanksgiving, where Native Americans and Europeans ate in Harmony and Peace together, we decided to take Our First Celebration to Spain from where Columbus had come, and inform the King and Queen of Spain that we were coming to plant a Snow Goose Global Native American flag on their soil.

And for them, the Queen and King, to be prepared to kneel down with us, and ask Papito Dios God for forgiveness for all the atrocities that Columbus committed, and prepare Spain to rise up, this time, with Compassion of HeartCorazón and Vision of AlmaSoul, showing the whole wide world the Greatness of the True Spanish Spirit.

We called the Spanish Ambassador here in the United States and told him about my book tour all across the U.S., and that I was inviting people from everywhere, so for him to inform the Queen and King, that we were all coming, so they could get ready to be forgiven, for having sent Columbus in the name of greed and conquest to the New World.

But the ambassador of Spain went berserk, saying that this was an outrage. No one asked the King and Queen to kneel.

“I’m not asking!” I said. “I’m a Hollow Bone! An Empty Vessel! And I am being Guided by both of my Indigenous mamagrandes and Papito Dios God! So give them this message! It’s not for you or me to question!”

“But you’ll need permits,” he said, starting to feel very unsure of himself.

This was when I yelled at him, “Did you have permits when you sent Columbus to rape and conquer the New World? Look, I’m on a book tour with my best seller Rain of Gold, going all across the whole United States, and in every State, every city, every bookstore, every university, I’m inviting everyone to join us! So who knows? There may be 1,000’s of us, or 10s of 1,000s of us, or maybe even millions of us coming, so you tell the Queen and King to get prepared to be forgiven! And to also get ready to give back all the gold they stole. For this gold needs to be used over the next 500 years in helping to educate Native children worldwide!”

“Can you send me a book?” He asked.

“Absolutely not!” I yelled! “Go out and buy your own book! You didn’t bring anything, but killing weapons and disease to our New World, so I am not giving you anything!”

“Can you send me a copy of the your itinerary and the cities that you already been to?”

“No! You just tell Queen Isabel to get ready because we all know that she is the real leader of Spain and not her husband,” and saying this, I hang up.

Well, did we go? Of course, and it’s all documented in our little book.

Our Second Celebration was at Plymouth Rock, where we got an endorsement from the City to go worldwide with Our Snow Goose Global Thanksgiving Celebration. And since then, we’ve been celebrating Our Global event at Ranchito Villaseñor in Oceanside, California, and over a 1,000 people come every year.

It’s been a potluck with free music, and kids wearing oversized white t-shirts and getting their faces painted like Angels. And perfect strangers meeting each other and saying, “You are another me, and I am another you,” looking into each others eyes, the gateway to Our Souls, then touching foreheads and smiling, feeling so very good deep inside! Some families have been coming almost every year and they tell us that they get so high and full of hope and trust that the rest of their holidays are done in a whole new beautiful heartfelt way.

A quick Introduction:
Victor Villaseñor

A gifted and accomplished speaker, Victor Villaseñor, in his candid and heartfelt manner, brings a fresh perspective to a number of universal themes, including pride in cultural heritage, the strength of family, dedication to education and personal achievement, the power of the written word, world harmony and peace. Visit Victor’s website.

A Message From Victor

Welcome! This is OUR 32nd SNOW GOOSE GLOBAL THANKSGIVING and yes, it starts at 1 pm and goes to Sunset. Then like always, we will light candles with Our Father Sun and send Our Collective Healing LoveAmor energy around the Globe, faster and faster just like in that old Superman movie when Superman was bringing Lois Lane, his girlfriend, back to life! And this is exactly what we are doing for 30 years without alcohol or drugs, getting people SUPER HIGH ON BEING GRATEFUL AND GIVING THANKS!

Just imagine 1,000 people, a 100,000 people, a 100 million people, focused on giving thanks with all their HeartCorazones and that spiraling energy becoming a tornado! A hurricane! A 300 feet tidal wave shooting around the world with all of Our United Angel Snow Geese LoveAmor Energy.

Smiling! Dancing! Laughing! Making music with clapping hands! Singing voices! Drums! Trumpets! Fiddles! Accordions! Guitars! Garbage lids banging together! Dogs barking! Cats meowing! Children shouting! Whatever! With such good joyous gusto that YOU, ME, WE, WEEE, WEEE, WEEE CREATE A HAPPY HEAVEN HERE ON MOTHER EARTH!

So come join us at Ranchito Villaseñor in South Oceanside with a big smile, and meet a stranger, shake hands, touch forehands, and say, “You are another me, and I am another you. And we are Snow Goose Angels of Ourselves!”

This is how we ordinary people can accomplish something extraordinary and FULL OF MAGIC!