Snow Goose Global Thanksgiving

One Race, The Human Race

An annual event where we, the people, come together to celebrate and practice world peace and harmony.

Let us all join in a spirit of love, celebrate our differences,

and create 5,000 years of peace on earth!

A quick Introduction: Victor Villaseñor

A gifted and accomplished speaker, Victor Villaseñor, in his candid and heartfelt manner, brings a fresh perspective to a number of universal themes, including pride in cultural heritage, the strength of family, dedication to education and personal achievement, the power of the written word, world harmony and peace.

You're invited to join us at the Rancho!

Hosted by Victor Villaseñor and friends.


Sunday, November 20th 2016

1pm - Sunset


1302 Stewart Street

Oceanside, CA 92054

Harmonizing with all in the spirit of peace.


Noted author Victor Villaseñor had a vision from his grandmother come to him one night in a dream. In that dream, his grandmother instructed him to promote a vision for world peace by gathering people together like snow geese who have flocked together in unison and harmony for over 20 million years.


In 1992 Villaseñor manifested his vision for world peace by creating Snow Goose Global Thanksgiving Celebration of Peace and Harmony.

A life-changing dream...

Annually the Sunday before Thanksgiving, it is a day for people to put aside their political, racial, and socio-economic differences and to come together with a sense of community. The first Global Thanksgiving was celebrated in Spain with only 70 people in attendance. The second was celebrated at Plymouth Rock. Since then the Snow Goose Global Thanksgiving Celebration of Peace and Harmony has been celebrated at the Rancho Villaseñor in Oceanside, California and several other cities across the United States. a global movement.

Victor Villaseñor speaks at the 2012 Snow Goose Global Thanksgiving

 The Snow Goose Global Thanksgiving Celebration of Peace and Harmony is open to all. Participants are asked to bring a food dish to share with others. The Snow Goose Celebration of Peace and Harmony serves as a kickoff to the holiday season, and as a reminder that their family and local communities are but a microcosm of the global community. We are responsible for the tenor we bring to one another and the world.


Sunday, November 20th 2016

1:00 pm - Sunset


Rancho Villaseñor

1302 Stewart Street

Oceanside, CA 92054

What to Bring: A dish to serve 12 others.

Create an appetizer, main dish, salad, or a dessert.










No alcohol will be permitted at the event.


Also Bring:

  • A candle
  • A Picnic Blanket
  • Lawn Chair
  • A Warm Jacket
  • Plates and Cutlery
  • Water


Event Details

Start your own Snow Goose Celebration!

We realize that not everyone around the globe can join us at the rancho.


We encourage you, your family and friends to reach out to your own local communities and organize your own Snow Goose Celebration!

Remember, our focus is to bring people together to promote peace, love and harmony. It only takes one person to get the word out, start now!

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